The Ethics of Touch Student Workbook

Get the most out of The Ethics of Touch book by doing the exercises and regularly referring to them. We’ve made it easier by creating The Ethics of Touch Workbook which includes Chapter Highlights and all of the written exercises from the book (plus more).

We also recommend that you make this a journal to track your thought processes throughout this book and your career. In the workbook/journal you can keep your responses to the activities, your thoughts on the Points to Ponder, and your plans for using the Practical Applications.

The Workbook is created in version 1.7 of the Portable Document Format (pdf); this corresponds to version 8 (and later) of the Adobe Acrobat Reader. It has some features that we feel are quite appealing:

  1. The pdf may be read with Acrobat Reader version 5 and later.
  2. The pdf may be saved as a Microsoft Word Document.
  3. Text may be added to the pdf and saved for later review.

Downloading Notes

After completing the form, you receive an email with the download link or further information.

The Workbook pdf is about 1.8MB in size. Depending on the download speed of your Internet connection, it may take up to a minute to receive the entire file.

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