What Others Are Saying


AlixSandra Parness -- Inner Focus

Your book has made a great impact on our curriculum and consequently we have incorporated it into our mandatory reading list. Thank you for the efforts you have put forth to create such a comprehensive text. The teaching materials have been a splendid surprise.

Susanne Stevens

What a great read. Such a useful book to have in my resourse pack. There is nothing like this here in the UK. It gets you thinking.

Dennis M. Riggs, President
Indiana Association of Bodyworkers
Healing Arts Institute


I am very pleased with having the opportunity to review this book. As I read through the book I looked for things that might have been left out and I honestly couldn't think of a thing. This book is well-written, well thought out and easy to read. I was so happy with the way everything was clearly explained. I must say there were many ideas that hadn't occurred to me.

I realize that The Ethics of Touch was sent for my review as a leader of a state organization but I must tell you that as an educator I will definitely make this book a part of my curriculum.

Gayla Nickel -- A Gift of Health School of Massage

[Please pass on to Cherie Sohnen-Moe that] I think this book is the best thing that's happened to our profession in the past decade. And I mean that. We needed this book so badly. I wish every massage school in the nation would use it.

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