Reproducible Office Forms

Reproducible Office Forms

The Office Form documents are available in one or more formats:

pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader
wpd - Corel Wordperfect
doc - Microsoft Word
txt - Plain Text Format

Depending on how your computer and browser are set up, clicking on a document format may initiate a download, or may launch an application to display the document. For instance, if you click on the pdf format for the “Sample Asian Medicine Office Policies” and you have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, the Reader opens to load and display the Wheel.

Here are two methods to download a document for local storage on your computer:

  1. rmb (Right, or outside, Mouse Button) click on the document's check mark. From the popup menu select "Save Target As..." (or "Save Link Target As...").
  2. Open the document with the normal applicatoin for that document type. Select the File, Save As option to save a copy of the document.

You are then presented with a File dialog asking you where to store the file.

Do you have a favorite form you created that you would share with your colleagues? Send it to us. We will post it on this site and put your name next to it (with an optional link to your website or e-mail)!

Terms of Use

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  1. Click on [ok] to download a form.
  2. [n/a] indicates the document is not available in that format.
Office Forms
Form Title pdf wpd doc txt
Sample Asian Medicine Office Policies ok ok ok ok
Sample Massage Therapy Informed Consent ok ok ok ok
Sample School Clinic Informed Consent ok ok ok ok
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